One of the fastest growing trends around the world, esports is rapidly making its way to the forefront of sports both globally and locally, in Sri Lanka. This steady growth has distinguished esports as a separate entity, with the increase of high-intensity sporting tournaments and huge prizes at stake.

In a world population of over 7 billion people, with an online population of 4.12 billion, esports awareness was at 1.76 billion as of 2019, with an incredible 201.2 million esports enthusiasts around the globe. In Sri Lanka, esports platforms have been exposed to their interest groups for over a period of ten years, cultivating a strong gaming culture amongst enthusiastic groups. Such interest groups range from individuals at schools, universities, corporates, and the youth at large.

Providing a unique platform for esports in Sri Lanka and helping the sport become further established in Sri Lanka, Speed Runs is all set to conquer the country. Organized by Mandarin Reid (Pvt) Ltd in conjunction with the Ceylon Motor Sports Club and Southern Motor Sports Club the championship will certainly be the ultimate drive, taking racing to the next level. The Local Championship Round One will span across four locations, carried out in Matara, Colombo, Kandy, and Jaffna, where the fastest 2 drivers will be selected from each locality.

At the Local Championship Finals in Colombo, a Local Champion will be crowned amongst the winners, and one talented individual may gain the ultimate opportunity to compete at the World Motor Sports Games of FIA, where the fastest from around the world will compete for the title of Speed Run World Champion 2020. Speed Runs is putting Sri Lanka on the global stage in the esports arena, with the opportunity to compete in a truly global championship.

The ultimate racing experience and challenge, Speed Runs is an incredible opportunity for esports enthusiasts, with a chance for true global acclaim. The event will be a destination for esports viewers as well, as they gain the opportunity to witness the country’s first ever international esports championship. Around the world, esports is the future of entertainment, sports, and leisure. This rings true for Sri Lanka as well, and Speed Runs is just the beginning.