Ashan Silva and Shoel Daniel dominated the 12th Rotherham Circuit Meet 2019, held at the Sri Lanka Air Force Base Track in Karukurunda, Kalutara as Magni Racing won the Team award. Ashan Silva won the Best Driver award while Shoel Daniel secured the award for the Best Rider of the motorsport event.

Team champions Magni Racing was represented by star driver Ashan Silva and Irfan Fuad.  This event was jointly organised by the Sri Lanka Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit and Sri Lanka Autosports Drivers’ Association.  

The main event of the day, the Class SL GT up to 3500cc Supercar event, was contested as a Grand Prix and included 22 laps. On his way to claim the main title, Silva, effortlessly won the race, while leading all 22 laps from start to finish, comprehensively.

The event had 12 cars in battle and behind Silva the battle was on for the remaining spots of the podium among Missaka Naveen, Aravinda Premadasa, Darin Weerasinghe, Ushan Perera, Ishraq Wahab and Sajad Zuhair. However Perera, Wahab and Zuhair had to retire from the race before it reached the halfway mark.  

The battle was on in the final half of the race among Naveen, Premadasa and Weerasinghe, who even at times came close to cause threats to the eventual winner, Silva. 

Weerasinghe, who was in the second position, was forced to slid down few places after a technical failure, leaving the battle between Naveen and Premadasa to the second and third places. After a great battle Naveen extended his gap ahead from Premadasa with few laps to go, and secured the second place behind Silva. Premadasa finished at third.

Yasith Gamage, who started from the rear, displayed a rapid style during the last few laps to snatch the fourth place from Weerasinghe, who had to settle down to fifth place.

The main event for motorbikes — the Class M Modified 250cc up to 1000cc, had 22 laps, and was conducted as a Moto GP event. Shoel Daniel, who secured the win, fluctuated between third and fourth positions up until the 20th lap, before he was given a surprise opening. 

Jaden Gunawardene and Pramuka Sesath, who battled for the top position during 20 laps of the event, had to retire in the penultimate lap of the race, giving an opening for Daniel to capitalise and then win the race.  

Young Jaden Gunawardene impressed by taking the early lead among eight competitors and leading through 15 laps before Pramuka Sesath and his sibling Aaron Gunawardene stormed in to cause him threats. Both Sesath and Aaron managed to overtake the youngster, but the elder Gunawardene dropped a few places back after a part of the motorbike detached while in battle.

The battle between the younger Gunwaradene and Sesath gave the motorsport fans the thrill they have been anticipating, but both riders had to pull out in the 21st lap after both machines failed to help them finish off the race in style. Daniel, who trailed close behind at third, easily capitalised and took the checked flag, as Riza Odayar finished at second, followed by the senior Daniel — Ned.

Over 230 drivers and riders were in action at the 12th Rotherham Circuit Meet 2019, which was the final event of the CEAT-SLADA 2019 Championship Series. The day included 10 motorcar events and seven motorcycle events.