Over 230 drivers and riders will be in action at the 12th Rotherham  Circuit Meet 2019, which will be held at the Katukurunda Air Force Base Circuit in Kalutara today. This will be the final event of the CEAT-SLADA 2019 Championship Series and the day will include 10 motorcar events and seven motorcycle events.


For the 17 races lined up for the day, 147 drivers and 76 riders have registered so far. The unique feature of the day will be the Formula GP event, which will have 22 laps in two separate races, to hunt the Best Driver of the day.


The Formula GP event will feature renowned SL GT Class up to 3500cc Super Cars drivers. To select the Best Rider, a similar 22-lap Moto GP singe race event will be held. This race will feature riders who are competing under the Class M up to 1000cc Motorbikes.


Among title hunters such as Ashan Silva, Aravinda Premadasa, Kushan Peiris, Ushan Perera, Sajaad Zuhair and Ishraq Wahab, impact making drivers Dinesh Jayawardene, Darin Weerasinghe, Pasindu Peiris and Janaka Dias, who failed to appear constantly during the season, are set to provide tough competition.


The Formula GP event will include 17 drivers and among them are Sajaad Zuhair, who claimed the title in 2017 and current title holder Ashan Silva. The Moto GP event will have 14 top riders battling out for supremacy among Shoil Daniel, Jaden Gunaradena, Aaron Gunawardena, Pramuka Sesath, Maduranga Caldera, Ned Daniel, Shriyantha Anuradha and Riza Odeyar.


The organisers of the event — Sri Lanka Autosports Drivers’ Association (SLADA) — conducted qualifying rounds for cars and motorbikes separately on Saturday, to determine the pole status of the starters of each event.