The Fox hill Motor Car and Motorcycle Tournament kicked off at the Nariyakanda range, Diyathalawa for the 27th year. The Tournament was organised by the Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers and Riders (SLARDAR).

Although there were 28 events scheduled to take place, a few events were not realised due to heavy rains. In fact a total of 10 events were struck off the schedule. This unfortunately also resulted in the champions for motor car and motorcycle categories been undetermined.

Nevertheless the motorcycle event in the 250 CC category took shape with acute competition. Ishan Dahanayake was leading the race at the beginning followed by Buddhika Kasun Silva and Jacques Gunawardena. However, the slippery conditions of the tracks led Jacques Gunawardena and then Ishan Dahanayake to skid off and lose sight of a possible victory.

Accordingly, the lead position transferred to Buddhika Kasun Silva which enabled him to emerge victorious. Ishan Dahanayake and Jacques Gunawardena came second and third in order.