The Hutch Sri Lanka Super Series organised by the Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers and Riders was launched recently at a media briefing held at the Demo 800 Auditorium.

It was announced that unlike in the previous year SLARDAR would not present  motor vehicles for the winners, the reason being, the challenges that the organisers had to face owing to a court action filed against them. Nevertheless all is set for a revolutionary for racing enthusiasts of Sri Lanka.

Motor Racing champ Ashan Silva shared his thoughts at the briefing, “The number of gifts to be awarded this year has been relatively lessened this year. However, we don’t even receive such gifts from other associations. I am happy that SLARDAR has managed to award gifts even in this manner despite the issues they had to face. Last year we committed ourselves to perform and win the race as a prize was a car. It was a big motivation. I hope that better things could be achieved in future.”

President of SLARDAR Mr. Kameel Hussain also shared his thoughts at the launch.

“The reason for our Club being banned was organising Sri Lanka’s biggest Motor Car and Motorcycle Tournament. However, justice prevailed. The Law gave us passage to hold the Super Series for 2019. But we had to organise everything last minute. Legal matters costed us a lot and big portion of the Association was spent on that. Therefore, we are unable to gift a car this year. But we won’t be stopping this. We are making arrangements to gift a car next year.”

The Series this year will be held in 7 phases.

Fox Hill Supercross – 20th and 21st April

Kanway Circuit Meet Meerigama – 22nd June

Cavalry Supercross – 6th and 7th July

Commando Challenge Supercross – 3rd and 4th August

Katukurunda Circuit Meet

Colombo Super Cross – 21st and 22nd September

St. James Hill Climb – 26th and 27th October

The annual awards ceremony will be held at Eagle’s Lake Side on the 10th of December.

It is noteworthy that the St. James Hill Climb will take place for the first time this year.