The racing industry is untouchable for most. Those who make it there are not very many and their journey is a difficult and challenging one. But some have the guts and drive to make the impossible, possible. One such person celebrated a milestone in his life which is also a boost to the racing community in Sri Lanka in its own authentic way.

Haren Yatawaka was ordinary person with an extraordinary dream. And that is to own a racing track of his very own. Being a racer himself he was privileged to have his private racing track at Munamale estate which he was very generous in opening up for racers and riders to use. In fact, famous and champion riders both locally and internationally has used Haren’s practice tracks for their practice sessions.

The ambitious Haren always wanted to have his own thing with a focus on junior training camps and organising national events. Five years forward Haren took the bold step of buying 10 acres of land and converting that barren land adjoining Munamale Estate to a fully fledged racing track.

In a proud moment in racing history in Sri Lanka, Haren’s racing track hosted the first ever official race that took place on Saturday the 23rd of February. This was a collaborated initiative with Shane Gunawardena’s two-wheel Motorcycle Club and Nuwara Eliya Motor Sports Club.

This first ever official event was a hit with famous motocross riders and off road drivers taking part in eight motor cross events. The Day Championship was bagged by Jaques Gunawardene. The Off Road races held in two main categories Touring Standard and Touring Standard Modified with four stages each.

Image Courtesy – Chathura Oshan

This new start will continue in the same momentum with the next race scheduled to happen in December, bigger and better with more events and more cars, added Shane Gunawardene.

Motor Sports Network is excited for the noise that Thunder Valley has made and looks forward for more events in the freshest dirt tracks for Sri Lanka’s budding and professional Racers!