Collaboratively organized by Commando Regiment of Sri Lanka Army and SLADAR, Commando Supercross 2018 took place on August 05 at the Commando Regiment Training School track. Acknowledged as the most daring supercross event of the series, racers geared up to exhibit best efforts and skills in spite of the many arduous challenges. Best Driver was none other than Ashan Silva. Gayan Sandaruwan was awarded Best Rider this year, rewarding the rider with the perfect achievement in his early retirement from Motocross.

Moto 1 in Group MX over 175cc-250cc (4T) & 100cc-125cc (2T) category was conquered by Evon Gurusinghe who maintained a lead with a good start. Gayan Sandaruwan gradually but tactfully upgraded from third position to second whilst Rumisha Buultjens who was at second bumped back all the way to fourth. Following Gayan was Vinushka, speeding up from fifth to third at the end. Famous Buddika Kasun Silva, anyhow, retired early due to a technical failure. Stephan Fernando came fifth in his first race with senior racers. Race 2 was again led by Evon, but latterly pushed to second position while Gayan dominated the race and Vinushka Silva finished third.

Deshan Solanki exerted extra effort to challenge Imal Manchanayake in Group SM 250cc-750cc (4T) & 125cc-500cc (2T) category. Moto 1 was equally tough for all riders resulting in a collision. Although Imal was off with a great start as anticipated in Moto 1 and 2, only Moto 1 was won – Moto 2 surprised the rider with an unexpected accident that degraded his speed. Meanwhile, Deshan, who came second in Moto 1 successfully secured winner’s position in Moto 2, followed by Buddika Dinesh who finished third in Moto 1.

Unstirred by the Commando challenge in Group SL-GT Cars up to 3500cc category, Ashan Silva set off with an imposing start in both Race 1 and 2 to fly off for an unstoppable victory with a lead that flabbergasted the crowd. Further at the back were Kushan Pieris who had arrived second and Ushan Perera who finished third in Race 1, struggling to secure second position throughout the following event. Race 2 was however the most challenging for the duo as they competed to finish second and after a persistent battle, Kushan managed to secure the place and Ushan came in third.

The atrocious accident faced by Linusha Perera was one of the most distressing moments for fans. The red flag alerting accident in the SL – H Class category demanded immediate treatment and also raised awareness amongst all racers of the great importance of practice and focus in Motorsports.

Photography by Sanjeewa Lakmal